Churchill Hall at SOU


Churchill Hall is located at 1250 Siskiyou Boulevard in Ashland.


Churchill Hall is currently the administration building on the campus of Southern Oregon University. According to an article in Wikipedia on Southern Oregon University, the state reestablished funding for a normal school in 1925. Ashland residents passed the “Normal School Site Bond” and purchased 24 acres where Churchill Hall is now located. The state legislature provided $175,000 to build Churchill Hall, the first building on the new campus. The building was designed by architect John Bennes in the Renaissance style. The same plans were used to build Inlow Hall at Eastern Oregon University. The building was later named for Julius A. Churchill who was the first president (from 1926-1932) at the new location. At the time of its construction the school was known as the Southern Oregon Normal School. A plaque attesting to its original name and date of construction is mounted on the building to the left of the front entrance, partially hidden by bushes.

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