Fort Wagner Marker


The plaque is located along Talent Avenue in Talent. It is near the sidewalk to the left of the home located at 226 Talent Avenue, mounted on a small stone.


The Euro-American history of Talent is researched by historian George Kramer in a document available on line (Historic Context Statement for the city of Talent, Oregon, June, 1994). According to Kramer (page 11 of the online document), Jacob Wagner was the first Euro-American to settle in the Talent area, in 1852. In 1853 Wagner built a fort on his property with help from a Captain Alden and his men from Yreka. The stockade was planned to serve as protection during Native American uprisings that were occurring during that time period.

The need for the fort did not last long, and it was soon dismantled. Evidence  indicates it was located behind what is now 226 Talent Avenue.

 According to an article by Jan Wright (Talent News and Review, March, 2012) the plaque was dedicated in 1995 by the Lions Club, which replaced it after the original was stolen in about 2002.


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