Hanley Farm


Hanley Farm, with the Hanley House, can be reached several ways. The following explains one way: from Medford, proceed west on West Main Street to the end of the road. Turn right on Hanley Road (also Highway 238). Drive approximately 0.9 miles to 1053 Hanley Road, on the left. If the farm is open to the public, turn left through the gate into the parking lot.


GPS coordinates:

                      North 42 degrees, 20 minutes, 7.3 seconds

                      West 122 degrees, 56 minutes, 0.5 seconds

Information on the website of the Southern Oregon Historical Society shows that the 636-acre Farm was purchased in 1857 by Michael and Martha Hanley. The property was inherited by Alice Hanley, the oldest surviving child of Michael and Martha. When Alice died, the property was inherited by her 3 nieces, Mary, Clair and Martha Hanley. The Southern Oregon Historical Society (SOHS) was founded in 1946, and both Clair and Mary Hanley were subsequently active in the organization. Mary was the last surviving Hanley living on the property. In 1982, she donated the remaining 37 acres to the Southern Oregon Historical Society to serve as a farm museum. Go to sohs.org to see a schedule of events at Hanley Farm.

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