Applegate Trail 16: Valley of the Rogue Kiosk, in the State Park


From Medford, take Interstate 5 north, and then take exit 45B and enter the Valley of the Rogue State Park. The kiosk is in the parking area near the bathrooms in the rest area of the park.

This kiosk in the Valley of the Rogue State Park provides information on the Native Americans and European settlers who arrive in Oregon in the mid eighteen hundreds. It is located along the route of the 1846 Applegate Trail.

The kiosk provides absolutely no information that we could find indicating when it was installed and who installed it. Digging through files at the Southern Oregon Historical Library led us to find a few documents that we believe indicate the source of the kiosk.

Beginning in 1993 some members of SOHS were involved in a group called The Applegate Trail Coalition. It was formed to develop the Applegate Trail as a tourist destination and historical attraction. The site was probably established in 1996, and similar sites exist in Oregon State Parks along the route of the Applegate Trail.

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