Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 6: private property southwest of Marker 5


The marker can be reached by car by driving south on Interstate 5, and taking the exit for the Mt. Ashland Ski area. Take the Old Highway 99 road toward the ski area, and turn right onto the Mt. Ashland Road, just before Highway 99 goes under the freeway. Proceed until the Colstein Road turns left from the Mt. Ashland Road (about 1.25 miles). Turn down the Colstein Road. Almost immediately (about 0.1 miles), there is an old logging road that leaves the Colstein Road on the left. Park and walk down this road. The marker is behind a new cabin about .25 miles from the Colstein Road. Notice the remains of the old telegraph line across the clear field to your left as you walk down this road, some of which may include the old wagon road.

This marker is located on private land, just west of the point at which the Colstein Road leaves the Mt. Ashland Road.


The marker is the traditional welded railroad rail used by the Trails West organization.

The text on the marker reads the same as markers #4 and #5:



                            CONSTRUCTED 1858-1860

                       TELEGRAPH LINE ADDED 1863

                 LAST STAGE COACH CROSSED 1887

                                                                             S.O.H.S. 1983


We have not yet found any record of this marker at the S.O.H.S. Research library.

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