Hanley Farm Willow


 Hanley Farm, with the Hanley House, can be reached several ways. The following explains one way: from Medford, proceed west on West Main Street to the end of the road. Turn right on Hanley Road (also Highway 238). Drive approximately 0.9 miles to 1053 Hanley Road, on the left. If the farm is open to the public, turn left through the gate into the parking lot. The Hanley Farm Willow is located near the main home, on the side of the home closest to Hanley Road. It is beside the small stone outbuilding, known as the Spring House.

According to the Heritage Tree sign by the willow, it was planted by Martha Hanley in 1860 to commemorate the birth of her son. The weeping willow was from the Luelling Nursery in the Willamette Valley.

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