Lonesome Hickory


From the Rogue River bridge in Shady Cove, the Hickory is located 2 miles south on Highway 62 on the way to Medford. The tree is on the right side of the road, and there is a large brown sign on a tall post noting “Lonesome Hickory”. There is room to pull off the road onto the shoulder, but be careful, as traffic move swiftly in that area.

The sign at the site states that the tree was planted in 1866 by Mary Louisa Black from nuts that she carried on the Oregon Trail from Missouri in 1865.This appears to be the only shagbark hickory in Jackson County.  The link below is to an article in the 1988 Nov/Dec Table Rock Sentinel of the SOHS with excerpts from Mary Black's diary of the trip on the Oregon Trail.




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