Tub Springs Sugar Pine


From Ashland, drive up Highway 66 just beyond the 19-mile Marker to Tub Springs State Park. Pull into the parking area and park near the water tubs where spring water is available. To the right of the water tubs is a path that leads to the Tub Springs Sugar Pine Heritage Tree sign in just a few feet.

The heritage tree itself is located in the wash on the right side of Highway 66. It is in about 200 feet from the road, and on the right side of the wash heading down from the Highway. We could find no sign near the tree itself, and there is no clear access path. The area is full of fallen tree branches so we would not recommend the walk unless you are sure-footed and comfortable walking off-trail!


The wash in the Tub Springs State Park contains a grove of Sugar Pines, the largest of which was selected to be an Oregon Heritage Tree in 2012. Both Native Americans and European Settlers had many uses for the Sugar Pine, including structural lumber, shakes and shingles interior trim and furniture construction. The Oregon Heritage Tree website indicates the species also has several food and medicinal uses by humans. The largest sugar pine in the Tub Springs grove is 180 feet high and estimated to be 250 years old.

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