Hartman Bridge marker, Jacksonville


The Plaque is on the bridge crossing Jackson Creek on East F Street in Jacksonville. Coming from Medford on Highway 238 (which becomes North 5th Street in Jacksonville), turn right onto F Street. The bridge is straight ahead, just past North 4Th Street’s terminus into F Street. The plaque is across the bridge on a pillar on the right side of the road.

Sharon Bywater has a nice article on the Hartman Family in the Southern Oregon Historical Society Quarterly, Spring 2020, page 8. According to the article, Jaston (or Jason or Justin) and two of his sons, Lyal and Wesley, were well known bridge builders in Jackson county, building over 700 bridges over a combined period of 125 years. In 1910 the family moved to Jacksonville where they resided permanently. In the early days they built covered bridges, including the Wimer, McKee and Antelope Creek Bridges. Both boys worked for Jackson County. Wesley retired in 1963 as county bridge superintendent. Lyal retired in 1969 as county bridge foreman. See also a plaque to the family on a bridge over the middle fork of the Rogue River, located 4 miles east of Prospect on the Butte-Falls-Prospect Highway.

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