Prescott Park Marker


From Medford, the park can be reached by driving east on Hillcrest Road and turning left onto Roxy Ann Road. Note the signs showing when the gate to the park is closed. If the entrance gate is open, drive to the next gate, where the marker sign is located, No public vehicle traffic is allowed beyond this gate, but the park is open to foot traffic.

This marker is located at a gate inside Prescott Park on Roxy Ann Peak, just to the east of the city of Medford. The 1740 acre park was named in honor of Constable George J. Prescott, who was murdered on March 16, 1933 by Llewellyn Banks, a leader of a movement known as the Jackson County Rebellion, and also called the Good Government Congress.

Banks had allegedly been involved in the stealing of ballots from the Jackson County Courthouse on February 20, 1933. The election had favored candidates supported by Banks, and the ballots were stolen to prevent a recount called by Bank's opponents. Prescott had a warrant for the arrest of Banks when he was shot.  The murder took place on the front porch of the Banks home at 1000 West Main Street in Medford.

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