Kennedy Ferry -- East Side Marker


The marker on the east side of the river is also on private land and cannot be seen from the road.  It is reached by taking the Old Ferry Road and driving to the end of the pavement.  Park before the deserted frame building that was the Cal Smith (formerly Ed Tepper) Seed Mill.  This marker has been taken out of the ground and is lying in front of a large cottonwood tree by the river.  The current renter of the home intends to replace it in the ground.  Permission to see this marker can be obtained from Christy Martin at 541-531-6933.  Her father Doyle is living in the house.

The inscription on both of these markers reads:


The Kennedy or Nail Toll Ferry operated near this site from 1874 to 1890.  Jackson County established a ferry in 1891.  It operated until it was replaced by the Shady Cove Bridge in 1921.  Ferrymen included John M, Black, John Watkins, E.W. Bliven and John Blass.

Other information on this ferry:

A man by the name of Kennedy operated a ferry here before 1877 without a license.

On July 3, 1878, Leroy Nail filed application to operate a ferry near the side of the Kennedy Ferry.  The License for this ferry was renewed in 1879 into 1880.

 In February, 1890, a disastrous flood destroyed all ferries on the Rogue River.

               In 1891 a petition was filed for a free ferry at the side of the Nail Ferry.  The County Court accepted the bid of A. McNeil to construct the ferry.

John M. black was the ferry man from 1891 to 1896 and John Watkins from 1895 to 1902.  E. W. Bliven operated it from 1902 to 1903 and John Blass from 1903 to 1921 when the ferry was discontinued.

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